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Do you want some tips about ways to keep garage doors in their best condition? Read here.

Install nylon rollers for quieter garage door operation

The nylon garage door rollers are more expensive than their metal counterparts, but will never product scraping sounds when moving along the tracks. Furthermore, they have a much longer useful life since they are not prone to rusting or other kinds of damage. As a result, your investment will certainly be worthwhile.

Troubleshoot a slamming door by adjusting the travel limits and force

If your garage door hits the floor when closing, you should not let the problem dwindle. Our specialists recommend that you reset the travel limits and force. This is done through the use of special screws at the back of the opener. You have to test the door after each adjustment.

Painting complex garage door nooks

Garage door repair Closter acknowledges the fact that it is not always easy to paint in complicated corners. Therefore, use a roller for the main coverage and then smaller brushes for the nooks and crannies that can become an eyesore if not covered completely. You can use painters’ tape for achieving very crisp lines.

Apply warm air to open a frozen garage door

The most important point is to ensure that the opener is not working while you perform the task. You can use a heat gun or a hair dryer for the purpose. Keep the appliance at a safe distance from the panels. Go around all sides of the door for best results.

Replace rusty parts

It's not unusual to find some rusty garage door parts over the years. If they are made of plain steel, erosion is not avoidable. Steel is affected by elements and will eventually rust. Replacing rusty parts is not only a matter of aesthetics. It's basically a matter of good garage door operation. After all, rusty parts will make too much noise.

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