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How can I keep my glass garage door well secure?

You should definitely install a wireless keypad for more secure entry. The experienced professionals of our garage door repair company in Closter suggest that you consider adding a standard lock as well. You will benefit greatly from keeping a spare panel at hand in case replacement is required.

How can I confirm that the garage door sensors are working properly?

Most modern sensors have lights which start flashing if something is wrong. If your sensors are not equipped with such warning lights, you should test them. Get a broom and wave it under the door while it is closing. If the door does not reverse, the sensors have to be repaired or replaced.

How do I replace a lost remote?

While many manufacturers have remotes that are semi-universal and can work with a variety of models, it is important to find an exact match for the opener if you don't know your opener brand and model well. First inspect the opener system and find a suitable match from the manufacturer.

Why does my garage door make popping sounds?

These strange sounds are produced during opening and closing when the rollers are worn. Lubrication will not help in this case. The components should be replaced with new ones to eliminate the noise. You can opt for rollers with nylon wheels which are generally quieter than the all-steel ones and do not require lubrication to work smoothly.

How quickly can I receive emergency services?

If you have a really urgent issue, usually a technician will do their very best to try and arrive the same day. If they can't they will try to arrange a booking as early as possible the next morning or at an immediate time to suit you. Our company offers same day repairs throughout the day.

Can I adjust the opening and closing speeds of my door?

Yes, you can. Most modern openers have this functionality so that you can adjust the door’s opening and closing speed(s). Home owners with kids should pay extra attention to this feature and keep it on constant check to avoid any mishaps. The speed is determined by the opener motor. Owners are also advised to check this function while purchasing a new opener.

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